New CRM software from SAP lets iPhone, WinMo, BlackBerry replace PC clients

Sybase is in a joint venture with SAP. Sybase develop and create mobile business applications for the SAP customers or clients. They are working together to create customer oriented software for their clients.  Sybase and SAP both are together in the agreement to create mobile applications, in order to facilitate SAP customers. Mobile Customer relationship software and enterprise resource planning software have been developed by both companies together.


Sybase created an application for SAP, known as Sybase mobile sales application. This application supports different mobile phone technologies.  Supported mobile technologies are iPhone, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.  With the help of this application, client can remotely connect to   SAP CRM with their phones same as they are able to connect through their Laptop or Desktop. SAP mobile business applications will soon be compatible with all present prevailing mobile technologies in the world. By providing these features by the SAP to their customer, increases their volume of customers too. SAP customers or clients can customize these features according to their requirements and feasibility.  The best part of this application is that, user can use it on his or her mobile.

SAP will be able to soon provide this CRM Mobility service or application compatible to smart phones technology. Both are working together to create a business application for SAP business Suite.

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