Nokia N96 Mobile Phone Review

Nokia is putting there best to launch a high tech mobile with enhanced features and capabilities. After great hardwork, at last Nokia is able to introduce its one of the most stylish and versatile phone in the market. That is Nokia N96 Mobile Phone. Nokia N96 is the phone which will give competition and hard time to the Nokia competitors.


Nokia N96 is a remarkable cell phone with lots of features. Nokia N96 provides users 16 GB of storage space regardless the memory card. Additional 8 GB space can be available with Memory Card. Therefore, users have lot of storage space, use to hold or save messages, contact numbers and call records etc. All ways of connection facilities are available in this phone.  5 mega pixel camera is available for the users with its general good photo quality.

Nokia N96 is best for the users who love music. They can utilize ample space for storing music songs of all types. With audio jack feature, clearly indicates Nokia N96 music support feature for users. Almost 150 countries maps are preload in the Nokia N96 for users GPS usage.

All of the above, Nokia N96 is a piece of high tech device with stylish design