First Look at the More Mac-Like Microsoft Office 2011 Beta

Microsoft is launching a new edition of Microsoft Office Enterprise.  Screen shots of new Beta release of Office 2011 of Microsoft have been released and it looks like more Mac like Microsoft Office.   Office 2011 looks are more like Microsoft Office for Mac. Microsoft office GUI looks very proper as Microsoft has fixed almost all of the bugs in their GUI elements present in the previous releases of the Office.  In office 2008 and office 2004 the tool bar is not properly managed by Microsoft. For example, in 2008 elements had been place at one palette but it makes this even worse.


In Microsoft Office beta release 2011, they have introduced Ribbons concept and move all the important stuff to its own ribbon, called “Home”.   Separate tool box including all the required formatting tools are showed under it and it shows by default.  New Ribbons functionalities are almost the same as compare to the ribbon like element gallery from 2008. In order to users can easily to be familiarize with the working of the new release of Office 2011.

Elements gallery introduced in Office 2011 are more effective and useful than the old elements gallery.
In this release only actually useful options are placed in each ribbon.  Microsoft have compressed the ribbons into one condensed bar, which has only useful elements placed in it. On the other hand in the pervious version users has to click the ribbon to find out the required and useful options. Therefore, Office 2011 beta release has got free of this issue of finding the useful options from the ribbon. Only useful options are left in each ribbon.  Separate drop-down and page through box have been created for different options like previews of the table of contents style. Only issue is the resizing of the windows size in order to see all the options of the ribbon together as ribbon has been condensed down to one bar. It contains lot of elements, which are difficult to fit in normal sized window for that only way to resize the windows size in order to reach the features.

On the other hand, Microsoft gives Office 2011 more Mac like Look than before.  There is no outstanding difference performance wise between Office 2011 and Office 2008. For Mac users, who use office, this release creates some interest for them.

Some of the Screen Shoots of Office 2011 are given below:

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