Comguard FZ-LLC -Kaspersky Pure home PC protection launches in Middle East

Kaspersky has designed and launched a new security solution that provides protection for home Pc and networks according to ComGuard FZ-LLC  one of the leading value added network and IT security products distributor.  Kasper Anti Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security products are integrated at one platform of Kaspersky Pure home PC product.  With these combinations of antivirus and internet security products together, one can used to monitor and manage home base PC’s network with ease and comfort.
Kaspersky Pure home PC protection solution comes with parental control features, data backup and    encryption tool, a password management and also includes sandbox mode to check threats in secure environment.  Kaspersky Pure home is so easy handle that it can be managed from single PC to configure any other PC on the Network. Wi-Fi Security feature can be configured and controlled through one of its feature Kaspersky Control Centre.  Automated backup tasks scheduling and mechanism is also provided through Kaspersky Back up feature. Data security is now becomes the vital issue with respect to the integrate network.  Every body wants network security solutions that it should be save from any kind of cyber threats and no body can peep into data.  Web base internet shopping and online banking services are growing immensely and secondly data integrity is now days becoming the vital issue for all users.  Online services are attractive targets for malicious attacks and cyber threats also.  Kaspersky home solution specially designed for protection of Home PCs and Home networks is the ultimate solution integrated with antivirus and internet security softwares, which protects the Home computers and Home base Networks from any kind of Cyber threats.

According to Comguard FZ-LLC, Kaspersky always comes with new improved and updated products. Kaspersky Home solution is of its own type and includes all required features needed by any users for Home network and Home PCs security.  Soon it will be launched in the Middle East market and users will be able to enjoy using it.  Distribution Company has created its distribution strategy and plan of Kaspersky Pure home PC protection solution to all users in Middle East.

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  1. This Kaspersky product offers total protection for internet browsing and shopping. There are so many threats online with cyber crime on the rise it is important you use software that will protect your PC and your family.

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