Meebo Instant Messenger | Download Meebo Chat IM

If you are looking for multiple chat servers in a single chat application then Meebo Instant Messenger is probably the best free online web application available. Meebo instant messenger dishes out Yahoo, Windows Live, AIM, ICQ, Facebook, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM chat services.

Meebo instant messenger was seen first on scene in late 2005. The main theme or idea behind Meebo was to launch such application that provides users with multiple email or instant messaging IDs to sign in through a single application. Not only this, Meebo can run on blocked firewall client settings as it connects using 443 HTTPS port.

Users are also given the oppertunity to sign in Meebo instant meesenger with the offline mode. Apart from that, Meebo provides other chat facilities along with standard chat services as mentioned earlier. In 2007, Meebo decided to develop Meebo chat rooms where registered Meebo users can log in and chat to anonymous users with registered IDs.

Now you can download free Meebo instant messaging chat application from their official site or by clicking here.

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