ASUS Eee Tablet Pc Review

After introducing a number of Slate Pc, Asus now launches the world class digital notebook i.e. ASUS Eee Tablet. It has a 2450 dpi touchscreen and lickity quick 0.1 second page turns on a backlight-less TFT-LCD with 64 shared of gray. The screen of Asus Eee Tablet is attractive enough for the user and only due to this fabulous feature the people who long for stylish laptop must prefer to buy it. 

When a user is writing on this screen he feels that he is writing on compact and real paper .The upcoming Eee tablet PC uses as a notebook by professionals, officers and businessmen; exclusively for making a note of their busiest routine schedules.  This notebook surely employed for sketching and drawing purpose by the amateur of designing and drawing.

Asus Eee tablet has 8-inch touchscreen with the resolution capacity of 1024 x 768 pixels. It is an e-reader through which the users can read ebooks and documents. It has USB connectivity that’s why you can easily share and transfer data through tablet PC to another device within a matter of seconds. Asus Eee tablet is one of the sensitive and delicate gadget that is normally bring into play for taking notes and maintaining schedules or in another words we can say that it is truly a note taking contrivance.

Asus Eee tablet provides you a number of options like you can edit, add, delete, save and sort any kind of notes and documents and for this purpose it is featured with built-in notepad templates. 2 megapixel camera of Asus Tablet makes it possible for the students to capture a snap of some important lectures. It includes a MicroSD slot therefore it has enough memory and storage capacity.  Asus Eee Tablet comes with a 10-hour battery. It will release in September while the expected price range is between $199 and $299.

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