Zong Introduces Android Phone into Pakistan

Another amazing invention in the world of Telecommunication, Android, is leading the market these days making other providers chase them. China based mobile company in Pakistan; Zong is introducing this software to Pakistan. According to the market research, this free cellular operating system is giving a tough competition and could also give an unexpected defeat to Apple’s iPhone and Research in Motion’s (Rim) BlackBerry.

Over the past six months Android has become popular among the smartphone users; hence it would become the second largest operating system and could give a challenge to Nokia symbian to the world of Telecommunication, claimed Gartner, a technology analyst.

iPhone has not yet been introduced in Pakistan formally which gives an edge to Android phones. Android is winning hearts because of it’s another feature; its lower price compared to iPhones has made it popular among people. Huawei says that upgrading of this software will be done time to time as they are working closely with Google. The phones have Android latest version 2.2 FroYo, which is able to support adobe Flash player plugins, unlike iPhone.

Google reports that because of its internet advertising and this mobile business their quarterly profit has risen up. This Google-backed Android software has gained exceptional success, says Eric Schmidt the CEO. Android phones were first introduced in Pakistan by Motorola Milestone a year ago, popularly known as Droid.

Before this Blackberry was the only service provider, but now we don’t have to deal with the monopoly anymore, all thanks to Huawei’s Ideos.