Best 10 Payment Access Sites in India

Here is the comparison amongst the top 10 payment access sites in India . comparison is made on the facilities and services provided by those companies to their customers. However, comparison is as follows:

ICICI Bank Pay seal Payment Gateway

There is not only one differentiation made by ICICI for serving the customers to the utmost level but there are also various advantages for the public given by this bank.  Several companies can also run their business with the support of ICICI.

Citibank Payment Gateway

There have been many different reactions by its users concern to the bank’s services and promotional plans. Sometimes not only merchants were not seemed happy but the online users were also dissatisfied of the bank’s services due to the delay in time line.

HDFC Payment Gateway

This is one of the traditional banks of India, providing services to most of the merchants and several other clients as well. However, the bank was not able to provide its main core services lately.

AXIS (UTI Bank) Payment Gateway

This bank is the most primitive one in India, and it has enjoyed customer services and their good responses for a long time. The main reason for this is due to its policy partner strategies and is also very good in technology sector. Also, the bank is very active when it comes to serving its customers and earns a net turnover of less than 5 crores through the payment access channel.


It is basically an inter web corporation and known to be the company working behind However, there is no feedback facility available.

CC Avenues

The bank is unable to accept the Master card and also high fee of transactions to its customers. There have been many complaints lately and its merchants are not very happy of the services.


This bank is not ideal for the Indians and it supports the International payment access services. Another reason for dissatisfaction is that it charges a lot of fee for transferring money into one’s own account. Also, the bank faces losses due to fluctuation level in the currency.


Particularly a major drawback is that there is not facility of feedback.


It has set its position into the reseller companies. It provides an easy user interface for SME to its customers and much better services as compared to CCA venues.

This includes into the self-promotion and is one of the consultants for the solution of payment access to the public.


This is especially handy for smaller organizations who may want to make plenty of these kinds

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