Download Free Apple’s IOS4 available

Apples have released the mostly awaited version of its operating system that is IOS4 and OS is available for the users to download free Apple’s IOS4.  The latest Apple release operating system is available for apple iPhones and apple iPods not for the apple iPad computers.  IOS4 operating system even does not support Apple iPhones and iPod sold in 2007 and it will force the users to upgrade theirs iPhone and iPod touch apple’s smartphones with the latest ones.  The latest Apple Operating system comes with multitasking feature and other useful latest applications for Apple smartphone release in 2009 and on wards.  Apple iPhone 3G and iPod launched in 2008 can run IOS4 but don’t support multitasking feature, introduced in the latest version of Apple IOS4 operating system.

Download free Apple’s IOS4 available for the users at Apple iTunes .Users of iPhone 3G/3Gs; iPhone 4G apples and iPod can easily download the latest version of Apple OS by just going to Apple Itune side bar and get the updates in the summary tab.  IOS4 is just 378MB and easy to download in the system. It will not take long time like some of Apple fanbois.

The latest Apple IOS4 operating system comes with kool and better appearance. Icon appearance has been changed to 3D appearance. Which totally changed the appearance of the apple smartphones looks. IOS4 apple operating system not only introduced multitasking features, it also comes with lots of improvements like one can create as many app folders , also one can create single inbox view for all of its email accounts.  Apple IOS4 introduce better spell check app and also comes with photo shrinking facility that helps the users to use this feature while attaching the photo to the email.  Overall IOS4 operating system is really some thing marvelous and revolutionary invention of Apple but still users have to wait for the launch of next generation of Apple iPhone and iPad smartphones.

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  1. Really Apple has introduced such a revolutionary and amazing version of operating system . lets see after downloading whether IOS4 features works as you have written in your article

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