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How to Enhance Your Content with Video

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Your video is being judged on its content, presentation, quality, style, and the information it provide. Your content must be extremely striking to keep up your social event of people thought. Video is a great way to connect with the viewers. Maintain quality and build interest to provide relevance to the content. You can do this by proper planning and researching or to take the guidance of experts. Make sure video should not be boring. Video content should be based on innovative ideas.

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How Can You Track a Phone Location for Free?

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Hoverwatch is an application that can be used by Mac, Windows and Android users to track a phone location. Using this app you can know all the places where the device has been to and monitor other activities. It will help you find your phone, track yourchild’s phone and so on.

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15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Google Chrome has now become one of the most popular desktop browsers, taking up 60% of the market, and the figure is still on the rise. Its growth is a result of it playing a central role in Google’s various digital software and hardware.

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Top curved monitors you should know about

Monday, April 2nd, 2018 Top curved monitors you should know about

With most of our jobs requiring the use of computers every day, I am sure we have to sit for a long time in front of monitors to get the work done. And probably continue to do the same at home when you want to watch a movie or play some video games at home.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Now you can easily get your most important data recovered easily and free of cost with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Losing important data overnight is a real threat. No matter how many devices and drives you keep in use, but still, it is always a doubt that a file can get deleted or corrupt by any means and you tend to lose data in an instance.  Anyhow now you don’t have to worry as the EaseUS Data can get you lost data back with this terrific wizard software. With much other software, it might get costly for you to get your data back and it might get a lengthened process, but with the EaseUS Data data recovery software, you can complete the process free of cost. 

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5 Things You Should Master If You Want To Become A Professional Blogger

Thursday, March 1st, 2018 5 Things You Should Master If You Want To Become A Professional Blogger

Bloggers, especially those still starting out, have to be skilled in many spheres if they want to have a successful blog of their own instead of just freelancing for other sites. Yes, you can always hire someone to do the back end work. But why not learn to do all the tricks of the trade yourself? That way you’ll save loads of cash, learn new skills and just have to rely on yourself to get things done. On top of that you’ll just understand your business better. These are our top 5 skills we think bloggers would find useful:

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How portable mini camera drones are becoming more advanced and popular among consumers

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 How portable mini camera drones are becoming more advanced and popular among consumers

People have been using drones for quite some time now. Along with time, technology used for the development of drones got improved. As a result, a variety of exciting features were added to the drones as well. In the meantime, the size of drones became smaller and smaller. It is even possible for you to find mini camera drones out there in the world.

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Is Our Personal Information Safe?

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 Is Our Personal Information Safe?

Do you ever give much thought to your personal information? We’re talking about the data that is freely available within the pubic domain, which is specifically linked to you as a person. Do you ever think about who could access it, and what they could use it for?

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Great Tech Gifts to Get for Someone Special

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 Great Tech Gifts to Get for Someone Special

If you know someone who loves modern technology and there is a special occasion coming up, you will find plenty of options available when it comes to affordable gifts. Gone are the days of having to turn to the same old gifts year in and year out – you can now invest in a range of technology at a very reasonable price, which means that you can treat someone special to a great tech gift or gadget.

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Drakemall- A Place To Find your Needs

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Consider the possibility that I say to you that you can buy the new iPhone X in under $50. It is by all accounts mind boggling however my announcement is 100% certified and authentic. Drakemall, an online web based business site has made this accomplishment accomplishable and feasible. iPhone X, as well as there are a few other treats which you can buy at a cost radically low when contrasted with the market cost of the thing. has presented a phenomenal and one of a kind way to deal with internet business which is sure and bound to hypnotized you.

The offers gave by Drakemall are exceedingly and fantastically incredible. If you haven’t gone by the site yet then ensure you visit quickly as a few of your most loved treats are up to be gotten at ultra-discounted costs. I am certain you should be intrigued to think about the highlights and functionality of Drakemall. Don’t stress by any stretch of the imagination! We have canvassed everything in this Drakemall outline. Continue pursuing to get the solutions to your drakemall check.

A Wonderful Example of Conception, Creativity and Innovation

Much the same as an ordinary online business site you can buy things from Drakemall. However, there is a bend.

Post registration on the site, you require adding assets to your profile. All standard installment strategies are bolstered. Thereafter, in light of the assets added you can choose to open a virtual case which contains a variety of different things extending from electronics, sports hardware, creator embellishments and significantly more. The subsequent stage is to turn the wheel of your fortune and test your fortunes and you can win an Apple MacBook Pro additionally in pretty much $50. A cost is ensured for each turn so there isn’t even a solitary shot that you will go flat broke.

How Drakemall Works?

The landing page of the site never neglects to awe the clients with its straightforwardness. Your initial move towards winning great treats is to enlist yourself. You will have the capacity to find the Sign-Up button in the top-right corner. If you don’t wish to make another username or secret key simply sign in with your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter account. It is not at all fake!

A total of 8 virtual cases will be exhibited to you once you sign in. Each case will have a different arrangement of items. To offer on a virtual case you have to add assets to your Drakemall Wallet. Post additions of assets simply select the case which you need to open and run with the turn. As mentioned over, fortunately a prize is guaranteed for each turn.

Truly! You absolutely are correct. Drakemall has dealt with this key right of the customers. For survey the things in the coveted case you simply need to tap on the ‘Open Case’ button and you will be diverted to a page where you can see the rundown of magnificent things contained for the situation along with their market costs.

On the exceptionally same page, you will see two buttons. One is of ‘Open Case’ which will place your offer for the virtual case. The second button will be of ‘Test Spin.’ Yes! You can really attempt few twists first before going for the real ones. You can also contact Google plus of DrakeMall for reality.

Will Drakemall send the thing to my place?

All you have to ensure that your region has a working postal administration and they will deliver the thing to you. For asking for conveyance simply explore to the ‘General’ section under your profile and spare your conveyance address.

Thereafter essentially explore to the ‘Items’ section and tap on ‘Conveyance’ against any thing which you need to get transported to you. Acknowledge the terms and conditions and hit on ‘Confirm’ to place the demand for conveyance.

You can even track your things. Simply tap on the option Delivered to know the current status of your thing.

The thing which you have to know here is that you will be imposed 5 to 20 credits as a conveyance charge. Everything relies upon the thing’s cost, measure and weight. Additionally, customs obligations are on you.

30-45 days is the sit tight time for your conveyance.

However, are there any additional benefits of utilizing Drakemall?

Aside from getting your most loved treats at a ultra-low cost when contrasted with the market cost Drakemall offers a few other favorable circumstances:

You can ask for different conveyances on the double. In any case, you have to pay a separate conveyance charge for every thing.

It doesn’t make a difference which country you belong to; you won’t confront any installment issue on the site. All standard installment strategies which are utilized worldwide are upheld by the site and are very steady.

The things on the site are not restricted. They are refreshed intermittently. Look at Drakemall news on Instagram to get to know their most recent updates.

The accomplished and professional care staff of Drakemall is accessible through phone, email and Live Chat to go up against your inquiries as and when you require.


It is totally safe to utilize. Its quality on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and Google Plus plainly mirrors the reliability of the site and its unquestionable authenticity. In addition, the positive and empowering reviews of its customers further strengthen the way that the motto of Drakemall is to fulfill its customers.