Unblocking Access to Cydia on Three’s 3G Network

Reported recently by many sources is that Three has blocked access to Cydia over its 3G service, but not as an anti-jailbreaking campaign but as a part of an adult content filter. A simple guide was posted on how to unblock Cydia if you’re on Three’s 3G.

  1. Call 333 from your phone on Three’s network and ask them to turn off your adult content filter.

That’s it! Simple as that, one phone call and you can download all your favourite tweaks and themes again!

Though quite simple, it is to be noted however that this incident occurred in the first place, that Cydia was incorrectly added to the filter. And while we hope an incident like this will not happen again, we can rejoice at, however, that our favourite packaging app is just a phone call away.