As you can see, Zahipedia is the initiation of what we believe to be truly wonderful. Not only is it a medium through which we will be able to express our views but it will also be a portal through which you can experience them, and hopefully benefit.

Zahipedia will be about technology, mainly information technology but essentially anything that manages to catch our eye. You will find that we are an extremely dedicated group of people motivated to bring to you what we believe is the true picture of things.

Why do we believe that we have what it takes to advance our opinion on things you ask? Well the simplest answer is that we work with these things and who better to tell you about them than someone who has hands on knowledge? We are skeptics, so before we recommend anything to you we will have to be convinced ourselves. And that is no mean task, we assure you, sometimes we are so downright doggedly stubborn we manage to surprise even ourselves. But enough about us!

Look to our next post to see how we dissect and analyse the very first of our technological subjects.

Till then, cheers!

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  1. I was just now looking for information about this when I came by your post. I’m just dropping by to say that I very much liked seeing this post, it’s really clear and well written. Are you going to post more on this? It seems like there’s more fodder here for more posts.

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