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WinRAR. They both were and are commercial products and at best have trial versions available for free. Lately however there has been a general move towards open-source freeware in the software world. To this end 7-Zip was created first in 2000.

In no way do we claim that 7-Zip is better than WinRAR. In fact we can even safely say that WinRAR has a better user interface.

But there are two very major advantages that 7-Zip has in our opinion. Firstly 7-Zip is totally and completely free. You do not even have to register at some site. The other major reason is that 7-Zip is open source. This means that other people can look at the source code and use it to develop their own versions of the application. Additionally this also means that if the original creators of the software are unable to continue developing it for any reason, other people can pick up from where they left off.

In any case you can find out more about either software by visiting their website by clicking on the following links:

1) Download Winrar Free

You can download winrar free  directly from this link WinRAR

2) Download 7-Zip Free

You can download 7-zip Free directly from this link 7-Zip

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  1. Well i have used both, rar and winzip and i found winzip more user friendly as compared with rar.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I believe this one is the most unbiased way for comparision I’ve seen in recent time.

    The advantages u mentioned about the 7z r rare to learn.

  3. I’ve been using 7zip for a while and i can say.. it’s awesome. It is fast and consumes as much memory as possible 😀 But its free and open source and compressing files is EASY and opening files is EASY so i use this small download for everything.

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