Adobe releases Flash Player 10 really fast (after Silverlight 2 is realeased)

Microsoft recently released version 2 of their Silverlight software. Adobe followed up with the release of Flash Player 10 two days later. This news would mainly concern people who watch videos on YouTube and similar sites, play flash games or watch animated flash videos and anyone who uses a website that has Flash based content in it. In short, everyone.

The new Adobe Flash Player 10 will have native support for 3-Dimensional objects in animations, games, etc. Furthermore, there is improved support for languages that do not use the standard left-to-right direction for text (such as Arabic script). Another new feature is the Adobe Pixel Bender which was previously only available in Adobe CS4. Essentially what this does is allows you to create effects and filters for pictures and animations and the like.

To download this latest version of Adobe Flash player, click here.

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