The Second coming of Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Secondlight is a prototype based on the currently slated for release Microsoft Surface (but only available for purchase by large companies and retailers). Secondlight is fairly similar to Surface in that you get a tabletop display that is touch or pressure responsive but the new feature is that it has a second additional display that is not visible on the surface itself.

Even though Microsoft Surface itself has not properly made its debut to the general public, it seems Microsoft’s R & D department has already gotten busy on work on the next generation. As mentioned earlier, Secondlight will feature an additional display that is not in itself visible on the surface of the table top. Instead (and you can see this in the demo at the link given at the end of the article), a piece of tracing paper is used to see this second display. Tracing paper is essentially used to show that common household objects such as paper or a bit of see through plastic, etc can be used to see this second display.

As shown in the demo this could potentially have various uses, but essentially what caught our attention was its sheer coolness and how smoothly and effectively this concept worked even though it is still in prototype stage.

Here is Live Demo