Cooling Heating keyboard by Thanko

Got cold and clammy hands? Perhaps your hands are really sweaty? Whether the problem stems from heat or cold, this one keyboard will cure them all. Thanko, a Japanese company, recently updated their Cooling Keyboard line to also include heaters! Now everyone who does not live in a region that has the same weather all year round can do with one keyboard too.

Clearly only the Japanese would think of something so ingenuous. In any case, there are a few problems with it. Firstly, it needs two USB ports: one for the keyboard for typing purposes and the other to power the fans and heating units. The second major issue with this keyboard is that it is somewhat thicker than most keyboards. This might not be a bad thing but we certainly are not comfortable with thick keyboards. But to each his own…
The last problem is simply that it is only available in Japan so far, so in addition to the fifty odd dollars you will be paying for the keyboard itself, you can expect a noticeable amount for shipping as well. But definitely a very cool idea. Could really turn into something functional if the design is streamlined a bit and the availability issue is taken care of. Like these mice with in-built fans we discussed recently.

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