New Expressionist BASS desktop speakers by Altec Lansing

Seems to us that you never have space for that pesky subwoofer, and you can’t get decent bass without it. Well Altec Lansing has always been a leading name in the PC audio solutions market, and once again they have shown exactly why they are so. For you see, this pair of desktop speakers actually has the subwoofers built right in. Problem solved.

The speakers each house a 4″ subwoofer in their base thus saving you the hassle of having to find space for a subwoofer separately. They are designed to fit with your desktop configuration, plunk them down next to your monitor, what could be easier?

While these speakers are really simple, they do have a Aux-In jack that allows you to plug them to your MP3 players, possibly your mobile phone or iPod, etc. Simple but effective. That pretty much describes this two-speaker solution.

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