Myvu crystal video headsets moving technology one step further

The concept of virtual reality goggles has been in conversation for some time. And now a company named Myvu, have practically applied that concept. the exceedingly sleek looking crystal set is now the hottest deal in town.

Currently Myvu is offering 3 models of such nature and each of them are effectively a pair of sunglasses with two miniature screens in them which the human eyes interpret them as a single screen.

This particular model has a very neat layout and considering the kind of technology it carries with itself, it is not too bulky and definitely not too heavy. The glossy black headset with springing ear buds from its arms surely demands a second look.

The built-in resolution of the screen is 640 x 480, which in other words mean you can easily forget about high definition. But as far as picture quality is concerned, it is not too bad if you manage to keep the glasses in perfect position on your nose.

In terms of sound quality, the built in ear buds do a satisfying job of bringing the any on going audio track back to life. Overall, the $220 device for some time surely does excite you but still there are some flaws that need to be fixed.