Google releases HTTPS-only browsing mode to Chrome

Google decided to release the pre-beta version for Google Chrome 2.0 of HTTPS-only browsing mode. This feature will allow users to add ‘force-https’ to the Google Chrome account. In other words, the websites with the SSL certificate error will not load in the latest Chrome mode.

Google some time back released its own web browser with the name of Google Chrome which was generally appreciated by the users world-wide considering the repute Google carries regarding a search engine and its e-mail services.

Recently, Google also decided to put up ads on the Gmail front page for the promotion of Google Chrome and urging its users to dump other browsers which included Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Now with the pre-beta release of the Google Chrome 2.0 with the addition of the HTTPS-only browsing mode, Google aslo decided to provide updates for the WebKit and V8 JavaScript engines.

These updates provide a better implementation for SafeBrowsing (malware/phishing protection) as well as a new code for the HTTP network protocol.

In all, Google have tried their best to protect users surfing the Internet from malware and other viruses that load with non-secure sites.

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