LG Renoir KC910 touch screen cell phone

LG introduced another touch screen phone Renoir KC910 which is said to be the follow up of their previous model Viewty. Also, it is not the first 8 mega-pixel touch screen phone to enter the market, which obviously does earn it a lot of grace.


LG have also entered the manufacturer’s competition to produce an iPhone killer, but unfortunately they have not been up to the mark as the rest. However, they have kept in notice the consumer needs and thanks to their R&D department that they designed a phone which is much more user friendly as compared to other manufacturers who always experiment some thing that is not usual.

With the launch of KC910 Renoir, LG have considerably proved themselves as a consistent and successful brand for manufacturing touch screen cell phones. Not only this, Renoir certainly does not stay behind while competing other newer generation handsets such as Sony C905 and Samsung innov8.zahipedia_4_lg_kc910

The new KC910 Renoir comes with 8 mega-pixel camera (as aforementioned) which allows users to capture high quality pictures under any condition. It also contains a collection of photographic options ranging from smile to blink detection, which are allo efficiently displayed in a high quality bright colors, a 3-inch touch screen monitor.

If we compare Viewty with Renoir, the most appreciated improvement it experienced is the select and swipe function which makes touch screen navigation effortless. Also the new 3G upgrades and WiFi features highlights Renoir.

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