K200 now in-line of Pentax Cameras

Pentax cameras have been known for their conventional-defying style and technology. K200 is yet another addition to the Pentax cameras product line-up. The white K200 Pentax digital camera is now available for pre-order directly from the Pentax store.

Unfortunately, one has to wait till mid of February to get the K200 Pentax digital camera as the shipping has not started yet. The new Pentax digital camera (K200) is blessed with appreciable specs and features. And best of all, K200 is available for a non-premium price of $679.95, which is actually quite less than what was expected.

It will not be wrong to declare that K200 Pentax digital camera is a photographer’s dream come true. Pentax K200 truely provides a rich learning experience in a lightweight and ergonomic manner for those who are new to the digital SLR photography world.

Speaking of Pentax K200’s specs, it has an interline interlace CCD with primary color filter and integrated shake/dust reduction sensor movement system. K200 is 23.5 x 15.7mm; color depth – 8 bits/channel JPG, 12 bits/channel RAW; Effective pixels.

The 10.2 mega-pixel Pentax digital camera has at 10M (3872 x 2592), 6M (3008 x 2000), 2M (1824 x 1216) recorded resolutions. Pentax K200 also has an image sensor movement combined with SP coating. To view shot images, Pentax K200 provides and 2.7 inch high resolution LCD monitor which features a 170 degree view.

In all, Pentax K200 digital camera is an awesome device for a professional photographer, but desired users will have to wait to till mid of February (as aforementioned).

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