Buffalo Secondary Monitor

Now-a-days USB is most familiar and can be seen in every device. The new FTD-W71USB developed by Buffalo is a USB secondary monitor that is generally designed to pay attention to the off-site topics. It works great and much useful in sense of remembering and keeping the things in mind. The FTD-W71USB secondary monitor has simply 7 inches display screen which can be used with two different angels;

first like the original piece like all other monitors and the second one is to rotate it to get the other side of the monitor. The other rotation of the ftd-w71usb is for viewing stuff like digital photo frame.


People really find very useful to have a tag, sub-screen or any other source for viewing important notes, stock quotes or any other personal documents, this USB is just for this day. The idea behind this perhaps new but reason is very strong to get the right material right in front of your desk. Despite of its smaller size, it provides number of helpful and tempting features like I can rotate in a way that easily accommodate everyone on the round table or the crowded one.


It cannot be fair to say that in near future these kinds of secondary monitors will take place of the big one just because of their smaller size and even it is not well said to have a replacement of your main monitor because it is just designed for some fixed task like keeping things always in contact of your eye. This USB device has a 800 x 400 resolution screen and 7-inch display screen. Another magnificent feature for this product is its easy and convenient portability, as it can be used anywhere because of the function of USB. Other technical specs are 25ms response time, 300 nits of brightness, and horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 140 and 120 degrees respectively.

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