Brain Helmet

It’s a common practical that we used to put a helmet on a head for our safety but what about our brain safety? I know that we don’t have any answer for this question because helmet can only safe our head but if someone hit by a car or something, it get jerks and due to it can harm our internal brain system. When a person got brain damages due to any severe accident it took at least 3 to 4 hours to detect a stroke, keeping this in mind the researchers at Duke University designed a new device called “Brain Helmet”.

particularly designed for the purpose of detecting stroke even can be use in the ambulance meanwhile taking the patient to the hospital.


 This device can be compared with the local machines to prove that it can detect the any stroke in a minute or two and it is also specially designed for the most common stroke to the brain. It really works in a simple way like attaching the two nodes on the both sides of the head just slightly above the ears in such a way that it will communicate with the brain and send transfer ultrasound picture to the computer interface and the 3D colors pictures of the blood vessels and blood circulation can easily be seen.

 Brain helmet is very useful in some cases like using this device on the accident spot or in the ambulance to detect any common or serious brain strokes and also sending the 3D images to the doctor before arriving to the hospital and in that meantime doctors can diagnose and ready for treatment in a much shorter time as compare to the machine using for the same purpose now-a-days. This tool is created for helping out the surgeons to fine out the actually cause and even also could make the difference between death and life.

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  1. This is really useful invention. The scientist should give more attention in discovering the things related to human being’s safety.

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