Sony Bravia Waterproof Mini TV

Today Bravia by Sony Company is famous and currently available in the market for its large in size and high pixels like 720p or 1080p. Now Sony Bravia is introducing its new small size television of about 4-inch LCD screen with about 16.7 million colors. The major factor is that it’s a waterproof TV that can be surviving for about half an hour under 3-feet deep.


Water surfing is very famous among all the beach lovers, so keeping this thing in mind bravia came up with something that surf while you surf. It not like an old waterproof wrist watch that did not survive on a small dive into the deep water but with a JIS IPX6 and IPX7 water resistance rating you can take a deep dive under 3-feet deep for Seahunt and even Voyage to the deep end of the sea. This small set also support AM/FM radio so you can never bored because of the sweet voice of radio.

Sony Bravia XDV-W300 is a waterproof TV which gives you the excitement and total theatrica
l trailer for about 10 hours of National Geographic Channel or any of your favorite television show, its means you can record up to 10 hours of recording of your favorite program or videos and enjoy wherever and whenever you like because it has a fully charged internal battery that keep this small television alive for 23 hours for non-stop programming.

Technical Specification:

 Model:                     XDV-W300

Dimension:              145x42x98mm

Form Factor:          Portable

Display Screen:      4-inch 16.7 million colors

Weight                    302g or 11 ounces


 (1). Waterproof

(2). Sitting 3-feet underwater

(3). Portable

(4). 2GB Memory

(5). AM/FM radio supported


 (1). Only Survive for half an hour underwater

(2). No headphones for FM radio

(3). Display screen is comparatively small


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