The story behind iPhone

Ever wondered what went backstage at Apple until they launched this 4.8 ounce silver of glass and aluminum mind boggling device which has changed the entire course of next-gen mobile phones forever?. Read through the article to get the inside story.

Fall 2006, a year earlier, Steve Jobs had already gathered his army of top 200 engineers at the Apple’s board room for the creation of iPhone. The prototype created was considered as a complete mess. The device had issues relating call dropping, battery charging, data and applications going corrupt or unusable etc.

The device was to be launched at the MacWorld exhibition which was coming up in 3 months, and as per Job’s strategy, to launch a new product at the exhibition to gain maximum attraction, wasn’t going the way he wanted.


Temperature was definitely rising at the Apple center. With-in 3 months, they had to bring down the of mountain of complications the iPhone had. Engineers had the most stressful time of their lives. So much so, a brand manager slammed her office door so hard that the handle bent and she locked herself in. It took more than an hour and few aluminum bats for colleagues to free her.

What ever happened, ended up in Jobs finally having a problem-free prototype of the iPhone just weeks before MacWorld exhibition. Six months later, on June 29, 2007 iPhone went on sale and on its release day, analyst were speculating a demand of 3 million units by the end of 2007. Now world witnesses the most powerful smartphone available showcasing its capabilities in style.

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