Motorola W7 slider review

Motorola W7 slider is a new sport-oriented mobile phone by Motorola. Somehow its not the very best of Motorola as the weird color scheme and the design itself don’t go with the ‘flow’. However Motorola claims that W7 has some sort of sports related functionality but it isn’t clear yet.


Motorola W7 slider has not been officially launched nor is the launch time informed by Motorola. The basic concept of the W7 is of a sports-oriented phone which means it would have something in common to Nokia Sports Tracker- which basically is an application that uses GPS to track your jogging, cycling or running work-outs.

Not much of info has been leaked regarding Motorola W7, but it is rumored that it will have a QVGA screen and EDGE support. Also that Motorola W7 will be equipped with a 2 mega-pixel camera with no flash and no self portrait mirror.

Prices and complete specs will be unleashed on its official launch. But before that, serious changes are expected to be made in W7 slider, specially considering the yellow color scheme.

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3 Replies to “Motorola W7 slider review”

  1. Motorola W7 slider is totally different is shape from other cell phones. It’s really decent. Motorola W7 slider has not been launched yet but I am waiting for that time when Motorola will release Motorola W7 slider in the market.

  2. I just bought the motorola w7 about 2 weeks ago and it is a pretty neat phone.
    It has video call, bluetooth nice slide screen and is light weight as well.
    The shape is quite different from other cell phones.
    The one i got is black and silver .
    The games it has are so so … (i’ve sen and played better games ) but ofcourse i guess that depends on what each individual likes.
    (i would preferred it has a bowling game) The games include : car racing, something compared to tetris, and another race game.
    It comes with decent wallpapers , and the sound is pretty good ! signal is GREAT i must admit, it has a strong quality signal , I used to have a samsung and i had to go outside when ever i wanted to use it, this motorola gives me great signal inside the house (whoopie!)
    Motorola always brings out stuff worth buying !
    I give this phone 4.9 stars!

  3. omg… you base your review on the games and wallpapers? how old are you? 13?

    this is the worst cel i’ve had, it doesn’t have usb port, you have to use the exclusive headphones/cable to connect it with the PC. it randomly reboots itself, if you set your phone in mute, your alarm will sound in mute, and lots of other stupid design issues. it’s really bad.

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