Samsung A177 Magnet Message phone For AT&T

Samsung A177 is the new Magnet Message smart phone by Samsung . It s specially designed for AT&T with Go Phone Plan. Samsung A177 delivers quality and affordability creating the “total package”. Samsung A177 is ideal for students, and those looking to cut the cost associated with most phones today.


The ideal customer sends and receives a moderate amount of text throughout the day.  Equipped with a camera, the Edge Bluetooth and speakerphone capability no wonder this qwerty keyboard find is/ will go fast.

Available as a Go Phone distributed by AT&T; the Samsung A177 is in a class all by itself as it works with a 2G network.

Whether your cooking, cleaning, studying, running, or simply relaxing enjoy the tunes carried out from Samsung’s A177 music player or enjoy sharing and viewing your favorite media via the landscape display.  Affordability and perks equal the Samsung A177

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  1. Samsung 177 is nice cell phone with wide screen which is specially designed for AT&T with Go Phone Plan.Samsung 177 is an ideal cell phone for students as well. Samsung 177 also have music player and 640 x 480 pixels camera.

  2. Samsung A177 delivers quality and affordability creating the “total package”. Cool and great features

  3. Just picked it up. Wow. A lot of cool features for being a pre-paid Go Phone. The screen is very easy to read. The keys took a little getting used to, but once you get it down, it’s a piece of cake.

  4. This is a great phone. However, I have not been able to get the data cable to work so I can put stuff from my PC on it, and it has no slot for a memory card. So if you want to transfer anything I wouldn’t get this one. The Samsung PC Studio program doesn’t work even though I downloaded & installed the drivers first.
    Otherwise, I love the phone! The display screen is huge.

  5. @Amanda
    If you have bluetooth in your laptop, establish a connection between your phone and laptop via bluetooth exchange.

  6. Hopefully someone can assist me in finding out if rthe samsung a 177 uses the windows mobil os!

  7. i want to set my ring tones as my text alert tones but i cant figure out how to do it because when you go to change it, it only has for tone optoins which are kinda boring and i would really like to not keep it so boring all the time!! if any one has any idea how to do this please tell me!!!!!!
    <3/ Suzie

  8. If you have a data cord, download the PC studio and drivers from the samsung site and plug your phone into the computer. Once PC studio is open, go to your text message inbox on your phone. Once this is open, PC studio should recognize your phone. For some reason that was the only way for the computer to pick it up. After that, I was able to transfer pics and even put my own ringtones on the phone.

  9. Hi. I just got this phone a bit ago and I want to transfer ringtones to it from my old one with bluetooth. For some reason it is not picking up any bluetooth signal-from anything. A littlehelp would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  10. id like to know if you can change you can use a ringtone for your text message rington and if not how can you change your text message tone?

  11. Yeah i wanna know how to change message alerts too, i can’t even find the four preset options that everyone is talking about…PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. ok i dont know how to change the messageing tone on this phone, but i love it!!

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