Google Chrome Pushed Back by Bill Gates

It seems that Google is trying its best when it comes to Chrome. They have come up with a beta version of Chrome of which we know  little. Sadly, Microsoft’s Bill Gates does not consider Chrome beta of much worth.


Bill Gates was surprised to look at the new beta version of Google Chrome and he found it difficult to analyze whats “new” in it. At one point Bill Gates also said that “I am surprised people are acting like there’s something new”.

Microsoft’s CEO  stressed that the new Chrome beta has nothing new in it and its incorrect for anyone to launch something “new” without actually updating it.

Giving an interview to a news TV channel, Gates said that “In large part, its more an abuse of terminology than real change.”

All we can do is wait for Google to respond and justify themselves. And apart from this, we ourselves should analyze how good Google is actually doing with its new updates.