324 Spain News Channel Live

Watch 3/24 tres vint-i-quatre news channel live online. 3/24 live news channel is operated is by Televisio de Catalunya or TVC stationed at Catalonia. 3/24 is a live satellite news channel which broadcasts international and national news.


Also we must mention that 3/24 live news channel is a part of DVB-T mutliplex of TVC. Intially, it was considered to have a high operational cost therefore it was temporarily decided to shut down the channel. But fortunately, the 3/24 news channel live trasmission can still be viewed in some parts of the world.

3/24 news channel started its live broadcast in late 2003 as a Catalan public television. The live news channel also shares some of its programs with its sister channel TV3. The famous programs for 3/24 news channel include;

  • Telenoticies
  • Els Matins
  • La Nit Al Dia

Watch 3/24 news channel live online right here.

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