LG GD510 Review | LG POP (GD510) Tech Detail

LG recently announced its latest touch screen phone, LG GD510 also named as LG ‘POP’. According to different reviews, it is the most compact touch phone ever built by LG. Here are its tech detail specifications.

LG will be introducing a new touch screen phone targeting those users who feel they should have something “extra” in their phone. The phone has a 3 inch touch screen and that’s almost the whole size. However, SonyEricsson has applied the one button concept, that of Apple’s iPhone.


Although we have seen different LG touch screen phones in the past like LG GD 900, LG GC 900, LG GW 520 and many more, but GD510 POP is much different than the rest.

The single button on the phone functions the same as iPhone. If we press it, it will display the menu and it can also be used as end or cancel key. LG GD510 has a aluminum exterior and a spacious 8GB of storage memory.

Other technical specification details include the POP’s 3 mega-pixel camera for still pictures as well as capturing video. Also LG GD 510 would have a solar battery cover strap at its back which would recharge the phone battery through solar energy.

Such specifications have surely moved Sony Ericsson one spot ahead when it comes to ‘green products’. However, the phone will be released in mid of October in Europe and shortly after that in U.S.

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