New Apple Macintosh Computers Arriving Soon

Rumors have been floating around as of late that Apple was about refresh it’s line-up of Macintosh computers soon. In particular the are supposedly due for a complete redesign. According to rumors the iMac line of computers will be redesigned aesthetically, getting curvier and more modern casings, and it will receive a major upgrade in performance and hardware.

The news designs were reportedly approved in their final form in September and will be launched in October. Further evidence of this is that stocks of the old iMacs and of desktop Macintosh computers in general seem to have dried up. Apple itself has warned that supply of Mac minis and iMacs will be constrained in the near future. This has been taken to mean that Apple is in the process of selling out remaining stocks of these computers in preparation of the launch of the new models.


The new models will have several advanced new features including thinner cases, superior industrial design and more affordable price-points. Users can also expect LED back-lit LCD screens. Audio improvements, and possibly even a Blu-Ray drive will go further towards making these desktops some of the most advanced Apple has ever produced. This is especially significant since Apple CEO Steve Jobs once called Blu-Ray a “bag of hurt”.

There are even rumors that Apple will soon be bringing its vaunted “multi-touch” technology to its line of desktop computers. Apple is currently working on a line of multi-touch mice that will allow the user to apply the same gestures that are used on the MacBook‘s track-pad on the mouse. As if this was all not enough, there have also been leaks that the new iMacs will sport a quad-core configuration, maybe even using Intel’s Nehalem cores. Yet another line of speculation says that the DisplayPort technology will not only become ubiquitous in the new iMacs but that it will support sound as well now. Solid State SSD hard-drives may also be offered for more high-end configurations this time round.

Of course there have also been leaks about other Mac models. For example a uni body enclosure may be coming to the MacBook. The Mac Mini is also due for an upgrade. The much maligned Mighty-Mouse will also supposedly be replaced. This is even more likely considering that Apple recently lost the Might Mouse trademark in court. Furthermore the new Macs will obviously come loaded with the latest version of Mac OS X, Snow Leopard. Add to all of this the rumors about an Apple Tablet device and it becomes obvious that there is some exciting new equipment and re-designs coming out of Steve Jobs’ company.

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