Motorola DROID Cell Phone Review

Motorola is already established as one of the leading cell phone manufacturers. The latest releases of Motorola cell phones also include Motorola Droid. This phone is well advanced and bought up by modifying the Android 2.0’s new features.


It is well equipped with a 3.7-inch touch screen. Typing lengthy messaged will not be a difficult task, as this cell is given with a QWERTY keyboard. This Motorola phone is well shaped in order to make it handier. It is also well equipped with advanced browser tools making the internet surfing quite easy.

For those who like to store a lot of entertainment stuff, this Mobile phone is well qualified with 16 GB inbuilt memory. In addition, you will really have a great time with its music and video layer in Motorola Droid. It is also compatible with all sorts of media files including MPEG4, 3GP, MP3 and more. USB and Bluetooth 2.1 will help in quick file transferring.

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