Nokia N97 Mini Cell Phone Review

Nokia N series has been popular since it has been introduced in the global market. One of its latest models is Nokia N97 mini which is an improved model of previous Nokia N 97. Although the demand for Nokia N97 has not shrunken, but still an improved version has been introduced with many attractions.


You can consider it a smaller version of N97 as it has almost similar features with a smaller size and trendy design. But it has slight improved features with a sliding opener. This Nokia Phone has an improved keyboard, excellent screen, camera and memory.

It is designed to meet the socially active and busy people who dream for such a mobile device which brings them all possible facilities required in modern era. With Nokia N97 fun and work is not a problem. All the short comings of Nokia N97 have been removed in this mini computer multi featured cell phone.

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  1. Form Factor, 32G of onboard memory, Multi-Media feature (excellent video playback, music functionality), radio, S60 community, fully-loaded with Joiku-Spot, Bloomberg, Qik and other productivity apps, beautiful large screen.

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