Nokia X6 Cell Phone Review

Nokia provides the customer with a wide range of cell phone models to decide for the best suited according to the budget and requirements. All of the innovations by Nokia are best of its type. Nokia X6 is one of exciting pieces Nokia has presented up till date.


Nokia X6 is a smart and stylish touch screen mobile phone of Nokia which is meant for the music lovers. It is similar to Nokia X3 in its design and functions. It is presented for Asian countries people who want to enjoy stereo like music on their cell phones. A delicate keypad is provided as a slider.

It has 5 mega pixel cameras with fine focus, lights, vision. Its 3.2 inches screen has 360×640 pixel resolutions. Moreover, Nokia X6 has many mobile related functions which were not available in previous Nokia X models. Hence it has music features along with an attractive touch screen.

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