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RT News live. Russia Television News live online. RT news is a Russian news channel which broadcasts news in English language. It has a sister channel by the name of Rusiya Al-Yaum and was launched in late 2005.


RT news live has its broadcast regions across the globe keeping in view the global perspective. It has its main headquarters based in Moscow, Russia.

RT news live is basically an attempt RIA Novosti which also happens to be the owner of RT news, to present an alternative perspective to news around the world. They present different views as compared to the conventional news channels such as CNN News Or Fox News.

Not only this, RT news live has won a lot of awards which includes the silver medal for Best News Documentary along with Special Jury Award for best creative feature category and Russia’s most prestigious award of TEFI.

Now you can watch free online RT News live broadcast right here.


2 Replies to “Watch Russia News Live | Watch RT TV Online”

  1. Why do you keep repeating so many times the news about the Russian tycon and millionaire? Who cares about him? Don’t lose so much time in that person, there are millions of other interesting news around the world you are not mentioning.

  2. From when I stumbled over this site, I have been watching RT news everyday online. I like the way you guys presents news, unlike bbc, france24 etc. which before they present any news they will twist it some how to shows their governments vice toward Africa as a saint-hood solution. Also making their continues asserting as their right to rule over Africa even by force to sound as a good thing.

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