Google Docs | Google Documents Spreadsheets

Google docs are the excellent virtual system that is offered by the Google for those users who are capable to edit and create documents online. It is the real time web-based free version of Microsoft comprising of word processor, spread sheet and presentation.


You can create documents; Google documents are stored safely into the central server of the Google and then you access these documents by connecting to internet connection so there is no need to use any of separate software. The safety of Google docs’ spreadsheet is guaranteed in the central server because unauthorized person is not able to check any document that is saved by the user.

The mobile users are also able to open their Google documents and spreadsheets by log in to their Google documents account directly from their mobile having facility of internet connection. They can make any change as and when they require; the level of security is also great. Of course you are better able to create your documents of any of five file type like word, excel, PDF, power point and text with great ease.

The best feature of Google documents is  that any document that  formerly exists in your computer file can be imported to the Google document account easily that’s why the management of all essential documents in a single location and in any other format like spreadsheet, word, PDF has become easy for the users. The interface makes the whole process of import and export of Google document possible.

When you create a Google documents & spreadsheets on finance related topic then you can publish this document on the Blogger because the Goggle docs are integrated with the Blogger. You can also publish the Google document on any other blog like word press, Square Space and BlogHarbour effortlessly.