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History Channel live. Watch free History Channel live. History Channel is owned by A&E Television Networks and was launched in 1995. The channel has its headquarters in New York and operates with the slogan ‘History Made Every Day’.


The History Channel primarily focuses on programs related to historical persons and events. It broadcasts documentaries and short films which relate famous past events and happenings. Not only this, History Channel airs different phenomena which have been still in discussion.
Some of the famous History Channel programs include:

  • Great Battles of Rome
  • Shoot Out
  • Dogfights
  • Battle for the Pacific
  • Crusades
  • Alamo
  • Digging For Truth

Now you can watch History Channel live online and learn more about the past.


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  1. Very good channel 🙂 but unable to toggle to full-screen 🙁
    Can you please fix this problem?!?

  2. It is very good website covering sports round the world. We need some entertaining channels like geo,ary digital, ptv home, starplus etc
    Also needs controls for full screen, volumeetc
    Well done good site

  3. I am in Brazil and tried this but all I got was the History Channel in Spanish, can’t I get the English version?

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