Al Iraqiya TV Live

Al Iraqiya News live. Watch free online Al Iraqiya News live broadcast. Al Iraqiyais run and owned by the Government of Iraq. The channel was launched in 2003 after the fall of Sadaam government.


Initially Al Iraqiya News was launched by the name of IMN or Iraqi Media News Network which broadcasted news in Arabic. The channel still continues to air news in Arabic and is viewed by a large number of audience in Iraq.
Al Iraqiya news got real fame in 2006 when they covered the execution of Sadaam HUssain and aired each moment live. At that point of time, people who were against Sadaam Hussain supported the channel and appreciated the efforts.
Al Iraqiya Television Network now operates three other channels as well. These include Al Forat, Alhurra and Ishtar TV.
Now you can watch Al Iraqiya News live online for free.

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