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Online MSNBC TV News live. Watch free online MSNBC News TV channel live. MSNBC is basically a U.S. based live news channel which is available in some parts of Canada and U.S. The news channel itself is an alliance between Microsoft and NBC.

MSNBC tv news started live news broadcast in in mid 1996 and since then at has featured a number of eye catching documentaries and reports. MSNBC News live however is said to be now reporting with a bias towards the liberal party.
Some of the famous MSNBC News live programs include:

  • Morning Joe
  • The daily rundown
  • The Ed show
  • The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell
  • MSNBC documentaries

Now you can watch free online MSNBC news live coverage and stay updated with the events around the world.
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  1. Seems like Bloomberg and MSNBC are never online anymore. Have they decided to block themselves from being aired online? I used to watch Bloomberg Business all the time online and then one day it just stopped and I have never found it again. Sure wish I could find it again!

  2. ……..i’m trying to get msnbc to play on the same page i’m on, that i get cnn and fox news to play live…..why am i getting just a black view that says first, loading media, then it says ready, but nothing happens….please keep in mind, i’m tech illiterate!…..none the less, shouldn’t it just come up and play like the other two news programs i’m able to get, without doing anything?…!….thanx…..:)


  4. it shuts down when they are lieing on msnbc. consequently, it is down. a lot. but have no worries. since no-bod-dee watches this propoganda anymore, they’ve been “found out” you see, it will be dark permanently pretty soon. there just aint enough some of the peoples left to fool.

  5. ………….funny you say that……i’m not tuning in because i’m looking for any real news… worries….lol……just checking and trying to keep track of……if ya “KNOW” what i mean?……….thanks for your input….:)


  7. I found this stream for MSNBC this morning. It worked for about 45 minutes and then it stopped. When I refresh the page, the bar at the bottom of my browser window says “Canceled opening the page”.

    Why?? Why did it work for a while and then stop?? I’m so frustrated. All the other sites that I can find that stream MSNBC don’t work anymore either!

  8. ……..from what i’ve researched, via everything, it’s no longer available to anyone that isn’t paying for cable tv, etc…..they were jacked up against the wall by comcast and the likes, if ya know what i mean…..they had/have such a wide audience compared to the other cable news, apparently they were reaping too many viewers and not enough revenue for the cable hungry owners!!!…….if it ever comes thru again, it’ll probably be “underground” somehow?…..good luck, and don’t forget to post when ya find um up and running for their livelihood …….lol

  9. sorry ,,, I can only advise you not to watch fox,, but if you actually buy into the ill spirited, ignorant, or at least, deliberately mis-informational rhetorical talking points they try to push as “news”,, I suggest you watch Democracy Now (free podcasts) every day from i-tunes, or any network that actually does research… Knowledge serves an intellect well. Good luck on your quest.

  10. sorry ,,, I can only advise you not to watch MSNBC,, but if you actually buy into the ill spirited, ignorant, or at least, deliberately mis-informational rhetorical talking points they try to push as “news”,, I suggest you watch Fox News every day on cable tv… Knowledge serves an intellect well. Good luck on your quest.

  11. I used to be a total Fox addict, but now I’ve switched to MSNBC and I love it!!!!!
    esspecially Keith Olbermann. I know his ratings realy suck these days, but I think he’s awesome. Everyone should watch him =]

  12. thank you for msnbc , since I moved to an inbred state my cable company doesn’t carry it, so this is really appreciated

  13. msnbc is such a bs ultra-leftist imp of a network. funny, how only the left’s opinion seems to maater to those marxies.

  14. Hey LEN
    If you were open minded instead of
    being…..well thats obvious…I dont need to say
    things in this country would be easier to accomplish…….you could always just go back to fox news…..Glen Beck will show you the way

    If you have nothing good to say then say nothing
    unless you have better ideas

  15. MSNBC must get radio stations on am radio, during the evening hours as well as the morning and afternoon-not just FM,in dual area’s there’s still millions that still only listening to am it will change America. Thanks.

  16. I’d like to see old shows where Ed talked about the 99ers extensions. Anybody knows how to get it?

  17. Ed

    Polosii said today no help for the 99ers on unemployment benefits

    Their working on job creation

    What are families to do until enough dream jobs are created to replace all the jobs lost


  18. barney frank is outrageous – how can the israelis hold an independent inquiry into their own blatant racism – chris for once you disappoint me.

  19. hamas and the israelis conspire to make the lives of ordinary palestinians intolerable — see the ira versus the ulster loyalists – who suffered? ordinary people. msnbc please waken up!!

  20. When will the government wake up and see that B.P. is not going to try to stop the oil. It’s making too much money to help offset the cleanup cost by scavanging 600,000 barrels of oil at $40.00 each dailey.They are not now and do not intend to stop the flow.It needs to be stopped now.Today is already too late.Wake up america !!

  21. thats an interesting take. the company wants to skim a few thousand barrels of oil, while laying waste upon the land, incurring the wrath of an entire country, ruining its brand, and potentially bankrupting itself. rather than just pumping the oil of the the thousands of working weells it has all over the world. and making actual profits, and incurring no addtional mountainous liabilites for the damage. that makes a lot of sense. good thinking. grampa, i think you have pulled a helen thomas. its time to retire. in the thinking stuff through department, know what i mean?

  22. poor ED.

    pls goodle “venona mccarthy” – do some reasearch dude. you wont look so silly.

    “BARTON,,UH,,I WONDER HOW MUCH OIL$$$$ HE GETS EVERY YEAR????” – heres the answer pal: LESS than BHO did. peace bro. but seriously, do some research ok? wow.

  23. What happened to your CNN News Live channel??
    It went disabled on Friday July 23rd….

  24. The quality of the MSNBC video stream varies too wildly–sometimes it’s fine, but other times it breaks up, the audio freaks out, etc. I’ve determined it isn’t my computer that’s at fault by pausing the video using the Pause button, and the paused image also contains the image breakup pixelation.

  25. Why didn’t you show the President’s address today on education as was announced earlier?

  26. I wish you could live for at least couple months in N.Korea or Cuba. That would be a great lesson for you, your knowledge and your political views. It’s a shame.

  27. Making people poorer
    Oh!!! Republicans have a plan for America.
    “To serve man”. Only it’s a cookbook!
    apologies to Rod Serling.

  28. It’s hard to believe the ignorance and downright hate that exists in our country. You have the Republican’s who have almost dismantled government in the past 2 years. Their lies want to make me “throw up”. What is even worse are the people that blindly follow them. I do not understand the advantages of mindlessly following a party that only looks out for the richest and most connected. If the Democrat’s lose badly in November possibly the ignorant will realize what they have done. What’s worse, are the people that have voted Democrat in the past and now will take their anger and vote potentially evil people into office. These are the people that will have the most regrets. Our populace is extremely naive and uneducated and will listen to anyone that tells them how to vote. I would feel sorry for these people except for the fact that they are taking all of us down with them. Please become more informed!

  29. When I decided to stay at home with my kids, we had to give up cable to save money. As odd is this sounds, watching Morning Joe before the babies woke up was my daily treat and what I missed the most. I am so glad that I found your site and can get my daily Joe, Mika, and Willy fix! Thanks!

  30. This sounds like a kindergarden, everybody speaks at the same time, the biggest insecure bloke has the biggest mouth, he just likes to hear himself talk ALL the time. What a bore. Guess who!!!
    Please, get a professional referee!!
    Regards, MKC

  31. I”m feeling really bad about loosing Keith Oberman. In fact,without him, there is not much use in MSNBC being available in the evening. I’m not going to be tuning in any more. I am not that fond of Ed, so the Ed show will not be on my list of programs to watch. I’ve watched Rachel, but I won’t be watching her any more either, I’m just going to find something else to tune in from now on. I’m very sad at the way it all went down. I don’t know what happened, and that bothers me.

    Good Luck Keith with whatever you do. Your heart is as big as you are, and you will be missed.

  32. I think that many of the superbowl ads had violent overtones. The Pepsi ad with the “angry Black Woman” was offensive stereotypically for obvious reasons.It was also offensive as a portrayal of random violence with no responsibility or remorse. The Black couple injured the White woman and left her. This image can’t help racial psyches.

  33. So if Your family didn’t run the house the way you wanted it you would hope your family would all die? So in this world you only care about 50% of the American population. Mature

  34. Felt the earthquake in Williamstown, MA. The pictures on our walls moved and rattled and the chair I was sitting in also moved…I know what an earthquake feels like because I lived in So. Calif. for many years!!

  35. chirs that where your wrong, president Obama is are ready in the history books, he jest want to add to his history,heath care,gun reform,immigration reform,he has to add to stay,mid or u

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