Facebook for Windows Mobile, free download

Social networking has been around for a while and one of the earliest examples is perhaps Geocities (which is now sadly defunct except for Geocities Japan). Facebook on the other hand is a social networking site (SNS) that has been on the up and up for these past few years. Now with almost 400 million users worldwide and easily available to anyone with any device that can connect to the internet, it is no surprise that one of the first things people try to access on new mobile phones is their Facebook profile.

Facebook Logo

Facebook for mobile phones is usually accessed through their mobile site through the following URL: http://m.facebook.com and for more advanced phones or smart-phones without dedicated applications for Facebook through http://x.facebook.com.

On the 19th of February Microsoft released a newer version of their Facebook application for Windows Mobile 6 based phones which can be got for free. To download Facebook for Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 click here.

This latest version of Facebook for Windows Mobile allows you to send messages to people in your Friends List, upload pictures and videos that you have captured using your phone directly to Facebook and you can now call people directly from your Friends List in your Facebook profile.

This means that people using Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 enabled phones can now access their Facebook pages while on the move through their smart phones.

Blackberry has also released a Facebook application for their smart phones which can be downloaded through this page here.

Facebook usage through mobile devices now accounts for almost a quarter of total Facebook usage according to some analysts and also accounts for quite a large amount of bandwidth usage on mobile networks.

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