Live Express News Pakistan Online Broadcast

Express News is one of the famous live news TV channels operating in Pakistan. Express News live is an extension of an existing news group by the name of Daily Express which publishes daily news paper.


Express News online media broadcast is also one of the early start-ups in Pakistani news reporting industry. The first private channel that came on to screen was Geo News. And since then, Express News live has created a tough competition for Geo as well as other live news channels.

Some of the famous online Express news live programs include:

  • Kal tak
  • Siyasi log
  • Nazar
  • 24-Ghantay
  • E-Tech

Now you can watch free online live broadcast of Express news TV channel and stay updated with events and news every minute.


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  2. I want to draw management officials of Pemra to restrict indecent TV commercial like Red Bull nowadays showing on express new Pakistan.
    Pemra authorities should carved an approach to electronic media and conduct check and balance
    on telecasts. Improper coarse sales promoting activities in Pakistani TV commercials should be banned immediately.

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