BlackBerry OS 6.0 Screen Shot Will Bring a New Look, New Features

The new release of BlackBerry OS 6.0 is expected to be launched in the coming this summer. Significant changes are to be expected in next generation coming OS 6.0 BlackBerry. Home screen has been redesigned with better interface with extended options for the users. BlackBerry 6.0 OS


includes extended functions and Pinch zooming is one the vital feature in touch screen devices as it support for multi-touch gestures for zooming in many apps like redesigning in image viewer. These all high tech features are embedded with upcoming next generation BlackBerry. Some of the Screen Shots has been released by BGR. It shows more easy to use and beautiful interface of the Unveiled BlackBerry 6.0 OS. Users can create Applications shortcut on the BlackBerry mobile Home Screen and click on the required App through fingers.

Web browser of the upcoming BlackBerry has been changed and is WebKit based. It will be the replacing the old one and introducing first time in Black Berry OS 6.0. It supports zooming features along with more support for tabs with new graphics and favorites. The music player has been refurbished with new look and graphics.  Popup option feature on videos or images is also embedded in this release of Black Berry. POP UP option like send mail, copy, Sms etc. New look has been given to messages and gallery apps as well.  Bundle of software has been updated in the next generation coming BlackBerry 6.0 OS.

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