Apple Quarter 1 Financial results are out, impressive as usual

Apple Corporation is doing wonders in their business and putting their best to achieve their targets. First quarter financial report of the Apple has been release and company has earned recorded revenue ever. That is not surprising as it is already expected by every one. 13.50 billion US dollars revenue recorded with net quarterly profit of about US dollars 3.07 billion. The revenue generated in this financial period is very favorable to the Apple company as compare to the last year same quarter report. 9.08 billion dollars of revenue and 1.62 billion dollars of profit achieved in the same quarter of last year as compare to today quarter report.


Once again Apple Corporation international sales are half of the total revenue earned by the company in the first three month of Apple first financial quarter of 2010. International sales are almost 58% of the total revenue generated in the first quarter.  8.75 million Of the Apple iPhones are produced which is twice as compare to the same period of last year.

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