redesign filters search results on Android phones

Google had been struggling hard for improving the Google  mobile search engine for a long period of time. Recent attempt for the improvements of the search engine put in by the Google search leads to positive and valuable results on part of its desktop search for Google mobile. Universal search side bar options have been added by Google on result pages for the mobile users, who are using the google mobile search engine.

Google Corporation has put in their best to bring same search facilities and options to their mobile users same as the user’s performing desktop search. On Google Android phone once users went to google search, new option of filtering contents with respect to their type and date is available as the same available for the desktop google search users. Filter content feature has been introduced by refurbish Google search web site. Users using Google Android phone will notice the interface of the Google mobile search engine will be changed and available to the Android users with more features and options same like desktop Google search engine.

User will notice right facing double arrow symbol, press the icon and google will display the filter options. One can filter through different options like Products, slide image, status update, News and also search option is available to limit search on specific time period. Features like Location, buzz and other related features are available for the Android phone users.

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