LimeWire Ruled Out | Free LimeWire Downloads About To End

LimeWire, a product by Lime Group is about to end. Yes, recently US court passed a decision for a case filed against LimeWire software application in 2006, making it clear that Lime Wire application was directly in violation of copy rights.

According to some legal experts, one of the most oldest file sharing application, LimeWire, has to end soon to avoid getting into further complications which may include paying heavy damages.

US District Judge Kimba Wood stated that Mark Gorton, founder of the Lime Wire application was found to be in contravention of copy rights when it came to free file sharing. About 60% of people who are into downloading songs use LimeWire for their conveneince. And in recent times, search for free lime wire download has amazingly increased.

Law practitioners at Lime Group have started to warm up for defending their case for the next session, but it would be a great blow for the group and the users if LimeWire is forced to shut down.

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  1. i would definitely consider buying my music however, as a student i neither want to spend my money on the whole CD which i only want a couple of songs on or create an account on itunes as that requires a credit card, how else am i supposed to download the SONGS (not album) i want if i dont have this? i understand that its unfair to the artist but at the same time, access to their music is what has gained them their fans, so if limewire stays or goes- either one will be deprived.

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