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Google had first announced in March about their Google TV concept to be launched at the time of google software Developers conference.  Google will be going to launch their ever first Google TV this week at Google software developer’s conference in San Franciso. Initially, it was expected that Google and Direct TV were working together to develop and design set top box. The speculation was cleared, when every one comes to know that the two biggest electronic giants (Intel or Sony) are working together to creative and develop the Google TV.

Google, Sony and Intel corporation are working together to develop the Google TV Platform.  Google TV will help the television users, they can search for any web site, watch movies on you tube and easy access to the social websites like Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, Google TV will penetrate into the Users living rooms. Initially certain televisions provided similar services with limited features and with restricted usability. This Android base service was initially developed for mobile phone systems. The Google TV integrates web services and it also runs the Android apps.  Google has taken step of launching Google TV for the television users, in order to reduce the Gap between Home entertainment and Computing technology.  Therefore, Google integrates web services facility in its Google TV software.

Lot more details about the Google TV will be arrived this week at Google I/O Conference, till then nothing confirms yet.

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