Lok Sabha TV Live Online

DD Lok Sabha TV live. Watch free online Lok Sabha news TV live. Lok Sabha live TV is basically an Indian satellite TV channel which broadcasts proceedings of Lok Sabha.

To be more precise, this particular channel broadcasts live coverage of the proceedings of the lower House of the Indian Parliament. Lok Sabha live also has a sister channel by the name of Doordarshan Rajya Sabha.
In 2006, the Lok Sabha TV LSTV took over the then operational channel, DD Lok Sabha. And now LSTV live is a 24-hour channel which broadcasts English as well as Hindi news and various other educational, cultural, panel discussions and session programs.
Now you can watch Lok Sabha TV (LSTV) live online right here.

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  1. please tell me how can i watch loksabha tv online.this is indian tv channel. shall i will have to download real player. plz help me. so i can watch this tv channel free of cost.

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