Now Play Street Fighter IV directly on Your iPhone with Two New Warriors

Apple brings Street Fighter IV on iPhone and iPod for its brand lovers who always want to play new version of this game. Capcom combines with Apple to provide nonstop fun and enjoyment to iPhone’s users .Apple always offers various applications for iPhone users , the most recent is Farmville and now   they get update in Street fighter. In street fighter IV Capcom updates two new warriors Cammy and Zangief .

Street Fighter IV for iPhone has released in March and from this time the demand of this game rises to ashes that’s why Capcom and Apple decides to add some new characters in this game exclusively for  intensifying excitement of  players.

When this game was released Street Fighter had only 8 characters, now this game comes with addition of two new characters Cammy and Zangief. Of course, these total 10 characters of Street Fighter enhance the value and therefore its price slightly increases to $9.99. The people who play this game on xbox red want to play this on their iPhone that’s why Apple features iPhone with Street fighter IV only for facilitation of its users.

According to Capcom, Zangief and Cammy , both  new players are added in the game so that user enjoy more than before .Both characters are available as single player  or for head-to-head modes. The amateur of street fighter IV can buy and download this game from Apple app store for their iPhones and iPods. So purchase it and Have fun!