How to Sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Gmail

Google one of the largest search engine in the world has email service known as Gmail. Gmail is the most popular internet email service used by large number of individuals, and also business Companies. Gmail internet email service of Google is packed with bundle of features includes storage of data, Google docs, and also include Google apps like Google AdSense, Google dongle and more.

How to Sync Microsoft Outlook with Gmail

All the Microsoft outlook contacts, emails include junk mails and deleted mails, calendar events can be successfully sync with Gmail. In fact, you can sync whole Microsoft Outlook mail box in the Gmail internet email service. This is all possible with automatic Google sync feature available with Gmail. It includes simple steps like

  • Download Google Apps Sync, and then install the Sync application on PC.
  • Create Google Apps account once application installed on your PC.
  • Through Google account, it creates connection between Google Apps Sync and Google Apps.
  • Type current Gmail address in the Email Address Box and type password, and then press continue.
  • In the Google apps, you need to have some profile or account that is used to sync Gmail with Microsoft Outlook.  Press down arrow to select the auto generated or already exist profile in the Microsoft outlook, and if it is not available then import your Microsoft Outlook PST through available option ‘From a PST file’. During Importing PST file select the data or file you want to import like Contacts, email messages, junk mail, deleted messages, calendars etc.
  • Now Press to create Profile and data importing will automatically started. Once profile created and data importing process completed, Select profile Google Apps once asked after data importing finished. Afterwards, Google Apps Sync application start automatically transferring data between Microsoft Outlook and Gmail account.

Its two way method, one can sync Microsoft outlook email data with Google Apps Sync application with out using Microsoft exchange server. Through Google Apps Sync application one update calendar event in Gmail will also automatically Sync with Microsoft Outlook.

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