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China has entered in almost every field of life su Things To Get Ex Boyfriend Back ccessfully and now Chinese technology has planned to build a search engine. This is the second effort of China Mobile Communications and Xinhua News Agency to enter the online search market. Baidu and Google are the most leading companies in the online search market of China, According to European Pressphoto Agency.

China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile company and mostly wanted by its subscribers has recently signed an agreement with Xinhua News Agency. These two giant companies have signed this agreement to launch a search joint venture which will enhance their importance and usage.  It will also utilize Xinhua’s position in media content and China Mobile’s user base. One of the benefits of this venture is enhancing the importance of Xinhua news articles.

Another Chinese People’s Daily, the official representative of the Communist Party launched a new search engine in Chinese dubbing, “People’s Search”.  This Chinese search engine has a unique English name, Goso, which is purposely bilingual listener; for example, “go search,” since the sound “so” means “search” in Chinese. This Chinese portal also offers a Chinese microblog service, called “People’s Microblog.”

According to the recent news, the Chinese company, The China Mobile has just confirmed this agreement of launching a joint venture of online search engine with Xinhua News Agency but refused to provide any details.  In short we can say that this joint venture will definitely excite Chinese consumers and for this purpose these Chinese giants need to follow best marketing skills.